Meet Kelsey…

If She Had a Dollar for Every Time She Wore a Black T-shirt She’d Retire and Travel the World with all That Moolah.



Don’t Mess with Kelsey.
She Knows Code & Content.

Kelsey’s interests are vast, her countenance stoic.

She is strange and unusual in the best of ways. If you can penetrate her force field of deadpan aloofness you’ll experience a human of the utmost sincerity and undying loyalty. She has been known to traverse the deepest depths of hell to help an animal in need; and even a few humans too.

Straight up—Kelsey is a mensch.

This clever gentlewoman is best described as an aspiring adventurer, lover of video games and metal music, caffeine addict, and binge watcher of Netflix.

She has her sights set on excellence in her work, while making sure every day is Halloween on the road to genuine happiness in life.

SINCE 1993

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