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We’re Designers, Developers, Thinkers, Weirdos and Those Folks You’re Not Sure You Want in Your House.
Based in Asheville, Serving the Universe and Beyond, Blue Dozen Design Isn’t Your Typical Design Agency.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to write about Who/What/Why you are? It’s a Freudian nightmare, and really one of the most uncomfortable parts of building a site for ourselves. Truth be told, it’s one whole hell of a lot easier to write nice things about other people, to dissect other businesses and come up with cool ways to describe their services and products. We do that very well. It’s the whole self-aggrandizing stuff that is so difficult – and, frankly, comes across as a bunch of played-out bullshit and buzzwords. Boring.

We greatly prefer talking about, designing for and building up brands and businesses. This page is a drag – but let’s get going on making YOU sound and look good. There’s not much to say here that really makes a whole lot of difference. Blue Dozen Design is a collection of folks dedicated to the art of art, design, marketing and forward thinking for brands. We’re an eclectic lot, and we have a bunch of fun – but we’re dead serious about our work. Except when we’re not.

We can drone on and on and on about just how wonderful Blue Dozen Design is, but – really – we prefer to let our work and our clients say that.

If, for some reason, you’re still interested in reading a bunch of stuff about us, look down below…

* We were one third of the crew. If you remember that, you have our respect. But, we’ve been around for quite a while.

Testimonials, Friends,
Lovers & Links

When you’ve been around for 17+ years, you have a tendency to meet and work with some sterling people. You also accumulate associations and work with a lot of businesses – and you’d better work with ones you trust. If you’re lucky enough to work with folks you genuinely like, that’s even sweeter. Local Asheville folks, national thingies – all sorts of interesting, decent and genuine folks.

By clicking the buttons below, you can see some of the amazing folks and businesses we’re wrapped up with, read a few testimonials from happy clients, and follow links that we find inspirational or a complete waste of time – in a good way. Enjoy. We certainly do…


We’re a group of people. We design things, build things and brands, and sit around having entirely too much fun getting paid to embrace our inner art geek.

There’s six of us that’ll touch your project – James, Beth, Cade and Steven. We’re insanely interesting, and your world will be brighter for having met with us. If nothing else, you’ll have had a decent cup of coffee.


Isn’t this what you’re really here to see? We would hope so – you should be here looking for remarkable branding, design, web development and insanely effective marketing. Otherwise, there are LOTS more interesting sites.

But, here’s some of our work. You should check it out. It’s fabulous.


We’d like to subject you to our manifesto on design and interstellar domination through original thought. We have seriously strong feelings about this subject – and we have a bunch of results to prove that we’re not just gibbering madmen.

If you’re interested, you can read more. It’s enlightenment of the highest order.


This question comes up a lot – and for good reason. Money is important, but in the grand scheme of things, understanding what to expect and being compatible as human beings is the much larger gorilla in the room. If we don’t fit, we don’t fit – and all the money in the world ain’t gonna solve that, my friend.

So, to that end, we have a page that explains a bit about our policies – and gives you an easy way to ask a question or submit a request for a quote. We’re pretty laid back, and we don’t have a ton of rules. Here’s our rulebook and general policies.


Blue Dozen Design, LLC has been around since 2013, but we were around as Independent Studios for 14 years before that. Yeah, I know – it’s confusing, but it’s just a name. We’re the same company, only entirely different.

Want a little clarification? Want to read about the history of people you don’t know? You should find something better to do with your time online.


At this point, you’d think that we’re just a bunch of design geeks and caffeine-addled astro zombies – but you’d be wrong. We have lots of interests – Asheville, chickens, dirt, leaves, fresh air and old-as-hell recreational vehicles.

Below, you can check out a little of the life and ideas that fuel us. Pictures, links and other stuff we can’t really believe anyone is interested in. We wanted to present you with a visual smorgasbord, though you will have to settle for a roast beef on rye. Mustard on the side.