No Tap-Dancing Around Price.
Custom Websites for

A custom-branded, rock-solid website with all the bells & whistles.
Hard-selling and GREAT with search engines.
You own the website. No monthly Fees. No bull.

One price. No song and dance.

You Need a Website That WORKS for You…

Your website is your 24/7 salesman.

Do you want a guy with bad breath, a cheap suit and cheaper cologne…
or do you want someone handsome, smooth and nice smelling who can close the deal?

Well-built websites build businesses.


Maybe you don’t have a site. Maybe the site you have isn’t doing it for you or your audience. Maybe your site is dysfunctional, out of date or madly incorrect. Maybe you even got burned by another web designer.

There are lots of reasons you’re here – but you’re here because you need some sort of what-what with a website.

You’re in the right place.

Blue Dozen builds websites that get found, work like they should and that convert visitors into customers.

For 21 years. Crazy, right?

Here’s What You Get

What You Get with Blue Dozen Design

Search engine juice built-in. Having a site is nice – but getting it found is awesome.


Your branding, your logo – YOU!


Contact forms & aaaaaaalll that good stuff make it easy for your visitors to get in touch.


5 pages of your content. Contact, blog, about, portfolios – tons of possibilities!


Fully responsive design – looks great on EVERY device.


We make it super easy for mobile visitors to call. One click, and they’re talking to you.

A Slick Site, Customized to Your Brand…

Your site will be super-functional,
and perfectly matched to your brand.

…Professionally Set Up & Tested…

Your site will be set up right, tested thoroughly
and super secure.

…With 5 Pages of Your Content…

All your content – words, photos, videos – anything,
optimized and laid out to look FABULOUS.

…That Works Great On All Devices…

Your site will work (and convert) great on all devices.

…That Gets Found…

We bake in Google best practices so that
when people come looking, they find YOU.

…And Turns Visitors Into Customers.

Your new site is set up to CONVERT.
Not only will it look great and be found,
it makes you money.

This Is YOUR Site.

When we’re done, you own the website outright. No monthly overhead.

You also get a one-on-one tutorial to help you
get the most out of your site.

What’s not to love?

A Small Sampling of Our Websites…

After designing & developing hundreds of websites, there’s a lot to show.

Here are some of our latest projects.

What People are Saying About Blue Dozen…

We really don’t like to toot our horns, but we’ve got plenty of happy clients who don’t mind doing it for us.

Here’s what they’re saying:

A little bit of a caveat…

All of this works best with a good relationship.

We’re pretty picky who we work with – and you should be too.

Our clients are prepared, driven and ready to make their mark on the world (and the internet.)

Is that you?

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