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Here’s the stuff we wrote about in our last incarnation. Some of the stuff is still valid. Some of it – not so much…

So Long, Bele Chere…

Some folks are lamenting the loss of Bele Chere as the loss of something that is Asheville. I see it this way: Asheville is better than Bele Chere every damned day of the year. Bele Chere had a way of condensing a few of the good parts of Asheville along with a lot of the […]

New Launch for New Life…

We were approached by New Life, Inc. of Asheville to build a website for their recovery programs. New Life operates a group of homes that promote sober living through 12 step programs, healthy community and personalized recovery programs. We’re happy to help out by building a good looking and easily updatable website. Built using WordPress […]

Colors. Oh, the Colors.

Color is such a broad and difficult story – because everyone sees and “feels” color differently. There are some constants, but the only real constant with color is that it’s totally inconsistent, because people are pretty inconsistent. The way people interact with or react to color is reasonably predictable – it’s why pink walls in […]

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Instagram Tomfoolery

I know I come off as exceptionally dour at times, but the truth is that I love what I do, and I love the folks who let me do this. Big changes are coming soon - but I wanted to interrupt my string of whinging and post a little "thanks" to the good people in my life. You know who you are. Also, here's some stock photo of people I don't know, doing something I was never a part of. Still, please enjoy the sentiment while you can, regardless of photo.
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Add caption and hashtags. It's a requirement. Stop being stupid, James.
Father's Day. Orange dog, hammock and a cold beer. I love you, Pop. Thanks for showing me that being dad is kinda fucking cool.
Traffic jam in Candler.

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I know I come off as exceptionally dour at times, but the truth is that I love what I do, and I…
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