Heroes of Design

We derive a lot of inspiration from people. Here’s some of our favorites. Designers, architects, weirdos, fashion folks, musicians. Our heroes.

While we’ll typically have posts about the aforementioned lot, we’ll also have stories about people you might not expect. Sometimes, our heroes and the folks who greatly affect how we work have no real direct connection to design. But – still – they’re heroes.

So, while this is technically called Heroes of Design, it’s really just more about our heroes.

They’re awesome!


Heroes of Design: Charley Harper

Charley Harper is freaking terrific. In his words, his design style is “minimal realism,” which equates to being very graphic. Since that’s what I do for a living, his goods really ring a bell for me. Harper’s work has a way of boiling things down to their absolute base shapes and forms, which is the very essence of […]

Heroes of Design: Raymond Pettibon

In high school, I was a “punk.” Well, as punk as you could get while living in Leicester in the ’80’s and attending a reasonably rednecky high school. I really dug a lot of heavy metal and punk rock (and, much to the chagrin of my friends, Bob Dylan.) I really gravitated towards punk style […]

Heroes of Design: Bauhaus

Bauhaus (both the band and the movement,) have been around my life and work for a long, long time. Bauhaus (the band,) were one of my favorites in college (hell, still are) and Bauhaus (the artsy bit) has always had a heavy influence on my design style, beginning in my days at SCAD. Bauhaus (the […]

Heroes of Design: Antoni Gaudí

I don’t think I need to say too much about Gaudí. I’ve always been a big fan of architecture as an art form – and this guy takes that notion to the absolute limit. The Sagrada Familia (the roof of the nave shown above,) the Park Güel, Casa Batlló and the Colonia Güell all stand as masterworks of a man […]

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Today, my friend Erik the Red shuffled off this mortal coil at the hands of a red fox. Irony. Godspeed, little buddy.
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7 years ago today, on my birthday, my daughter was born - hope. her name is as meaningful today as it was the day she came to earth to visit with us pinks.

she is the bringer of giggles. the maker of smiles. the thrower of cosmic fits. the one who paints my toes. lover of peegs. bouncy baby girl. the messenger of hope.

she won't read this (she's 7. who's 7 on instagram?) but i wanted to put a call out for happy vibes for my baby on this - HER day. happy day of landing, sweet hope azalea. your daddy drives a ufo, and he loves you very much. maybe if you go reeeeeeeeeal slow...
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