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Asheville Beer Reviews - InglesBrau Column 4

InglesBräu - Column 4

After a failed attempt at going left-to-right and drink the beer in that order, we've moved on to the right side. So far, the offering seems better - but I'm scared to death of "Kinky." IT'S NEON BLUE. But - this week, we have a couple of pleasant surprises and a few head-scratchers. Beer from Greenville? Crazy...
Asheville Beer Reviews - Inglesbrau

InglesBräu - Column 3

All right - we're kind of done with the left side of the cooler. I swear - if I have to drink one more freaking Highland crap (crapft?) brew or a Leinenkugel ANYTHING, I'm going to need to start drinking scotch to keep me from doing something rash, sans clothes, up and down Haywood Road.
Asheville Beer Reviews - Inglesbrau Column 2

InglesBräu - Column 2

Yeah, I know we said we’d go through ALL the beer in Ingles, but I swear to God – I couldn’t bring myself to waste the time, calories and blogging power on a frigging Corona Light. The regular Corona was so bad that I figured light cat piss can’t be any better than regular, full-flavored cat piss. So, we passed on that one. We DID, however, drink a few beers...

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Found menu. Seems expensive.
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All these folks. Posting top-down shots of their laptop, coffee, sketchbooks and their "desks." Staged, well lit and ultimately Pinterestable. And, frankly, a load of horse shit. This is my desk - my daily driver, if you will. You'll find baseballs, shopping lists, firecrackers, stale jelly beans, dull pencils, dirty forks and all the ephemera that makes this job doable. It's a mess. It's confusing. It's not terribly comfortable. Truth is that not everyone leads an Instagram-worthy life. Most of us creative types are buried in thoughts, little bits of paper and a mess that makes "it" work between our ears. We're not all pointy-shoed hipsters with a MacBook Pro and a dirty chai latte with perfect lipstick smears. It's not glamorous, and I don't think it needs to be. How about we REALLY see what your workspace is? Surely, not all of us live in Martha Stewart's drawing room, not all of us live a life of contented sighs.
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amanda's list. 3 dolla wine. corkscrew. wet food. miss seeing you, lady.
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Candler Friday night.
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Rambling and ragged note. .
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Found menu. Seems expensive. . . . #found #list #snapper #redvelvet #kumquat #jam #marmalade…
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