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Blue Dozen Design is Moving in Asheville, NC

The Dumpster Fire is Moving...

We're moving. After 5 years at 481 1/2 Haywood Road, we're moving to State and Amboy. Right across from the park, right above a bar. It's a new epoch for Blue Dozen - and Asheville really needs to take notice - because IT IS ON. We're in our new digs, and we're ready to kick ass...
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Internet Marketing

This eleven or so minute video will teach you everything you need to know about the internet. Safety, setup, tips & tricks - it's got it all! Be sure to watch before it becomes obsolete! It's information you can't afford to miss, ignore or something. Hurry!
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A New Site for an Old Friend

What do you get when you throw a couple of boys from Erwin High into the same room with a lot of computers, too much coffee and a branding freak from NYC? A great new WordPress site - and a whole lot of giggling.
Asheville Beer Reviews - InglesBrau Column 4

InglesBräu - Column 4

After a failed attempt at going left-to-right and drink the beer in that order, we've moved on to the right side. So far, the offering seems better - but I'm scared to death of "Kinky." IT'S NEON BLUE. But - this week, we have a couple of pleasant surprises and a few head-scratchers. Beer from Greenville? Crazy...
Asheville Beer Reviews - Inglesbrau

InglesBräu - Column 3

All right - we're kind of done with the left side of the cooler. I swear - if I have to drink one more freaking Highland crap (crapft?) brew or a Leinenkugel ANYTHING, I'm going to need to start drinking scotch to keep me from doing something rash, sans clothes, up and down Haywood Road.
Asheville Beer Reviews - Inglesbrau Column 2

InglesBräu - Column 2

Yeah, I know we said we’d go through ALL the beer in Ingles, but I swear to God – I couldn’t bring myself to waste the time, calories and blogging power on a frigging Corona Light. The regular Corona was so bad that I figured light cat piss can’t be any better than regular, full-flavored cat piss. So, we passed on that one. We DID, however, drink a few beers...

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Hey, guys - unloading The Donkey. Shameless promotion, yeah - but I thought I'd give y'all a fair crack at owning a piece of West Asheville history. How often do you get to instantly become the most hated person in the 828?

#car #jeep #for #sale #asheville #828isgreat
My maternal grandfather, otherwise known as Pawpaw or GP, ran a couple of truck stops, "Southland," in Columbia and Santee, SC in the 50's until the 80's. While cleaning out, I ran across the very few things that I have that were his. These were the stamps for the freezer paper that he used to wrap the meat and such, prior to freezing and cooking and serving. He took pride that he was a butcher, and that his restaurants served only the best meats. I remember the smell of the fat and bone meal that he'd scrape out of the band saws and flick on the floor to the terriers that he raised in his "spare time." Salty, unctuous, gross - but I can still smell it on these stamps. It's faded - but it's still here. Pawpaw has faded, but he's still here. Memories don't go anywhere. They never, ever leave. Soon, that's all any of us will have left. That makes them the most important things we can hold on to. Not the stamps, not even the images - but the memories. Mementos are great, but they can be a burden. They can be heavy. They can take up too much space. But memories are free, and they're huge and they can take up as much space as we want - or need - them to. So, I'm getting rid of 1 square foot of the physical and embracing an endless sea of memory of my grandfather. He was a good, short and fat man. He told jokes and gave me sips of beer on the sly. He loved us, and he loved us well.

Today, as my son turns four, I see Pawpaw in him. In his eyes, in his crooked smile, in his round face. Pawpaw and Southland will live on, even if in a tiny way, in my sons and daughters - and in me. And I know that the memories of country ham fat, the smell of the butchering shed, the flavor of the burgers cooked on the giant grill, will live on in perpetuity - long after the stamps are gone, long after I'm gone, long after we're all gone. There are memories in star dust, and one day, our memories will reach the shores of planets not yet born.
Found note. . . .

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Found note. . . .

#asheville #note #found #streetart #unintentional #creativebusiness #mycreativecommunity #littlethingsinlife #posttheordinary #shopping #list #828isgreat #avllyfe #avl #avlyfe #tuna #leftovers #dirty
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