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Web Design & Development

We’ve been designing and developing websites since websites were a thing. From WordPress to Shopify, we’ve done just about everything you can do with a website. With prices starting at $700 exceptional design & build for every budget.

Branding & Logo Design

A brand isn’t a logo and a logo isn’t a brand. But they’re part of each other. Confused? Don’t be. We take the mystery out of developing a great brand – from logos to print collateral to photography. Blue Dozen builds brands that go boom.

Graphic Design & Print

Vehicle wraps to custom coffee mugs to billboards to catalogs – we design it all. Business cards, letterhead, brochures? Yep. We design it, get it printed, and make sure it all looks amazing. There’s a reason our last name is “Design.”

Internet Marketing & SEO

Internet marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a big thing these days – but we’ve always been a bit ahead of the curve. We design it and build it – and we get it seen by highly targeted traffic. Boost your visibility, boost your business.

Blue Dozen Design is dedicated to bringing an end to the stereotypical thinking & played-out design and marketing ideas being foisted on the world these days.
We believe you deserve better.

You deserve a team that learns who you are, what your business is about, and what your customers are looking for. A team that delivers thoughtful and original branding, design, web work, SEO & marketing based on YOUR identity – not some preconceived notion or half-baked idea. That’s what we do.

You want the power of real experience behind your branding, design & marketing. We’ve been doing this stuff  long enough that it’s become part of us. If you cut us, out pours India ink, pixels and graph paper. We bring our experience and our passion to your project – as well as our sizable list of industry contacts and insider know-how.

You need an agency who can handle it all – and shouldn’t it be fun?

If You‘re Looking for Extraordinary, You’re In the Right Place.

Real personalized service, real experience, real results and really, really, really ridiculously good-looking design.

Blue Dozen Design delivers.

Blue Dozen Design - Asheville Web Design

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See Some Recent Web & Logo Design Work…

You want to make sure we have the chops. We get it. We’re not shy about our work.
We have some terrific clients, and we’ve done some great work together.
Web design & logos aren’t all we do – but, seems to be what folks are looking for – so, a sampling…

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Almost a Circus Side Show, Almost a Real Job…

The Design Freaks and Marketing Curiosities of Haywood Road Sure Can Put On a Show. Right This Way!

Blue Dozen Design are the carnies of brand. We give you voice and dress you up in a crowd-thrilling identity your customers can’t ignore. In the next ring – our gorgeous, easily-maintained websites slay at search rank because we thoughtfully apply best practices for SEO. No clowns, no back room shell games, no hoodwinkery, no kidding.

Not ever to be outdone, our rippin’ clever scheming  yields caravans of strategies for marketing and promotions that delight and surprise your audience; whether digital or analog – social media to skywriting – we promise, it’ll be sick.

If you’re ready for a creative partner who’s been there, done that, toured with the circus and came back like a strongman… Call Blue Dozen. Let’s have some fun and blow everyones tiny minds.

We take care of everything – all you have to do is sit back, make it rain and look great.

You expect real personalized service, real experience, real results and really, really good-looking design. Blue Dozen Design delivers. STEP RIGHT UP.

Please don’t mistake our candor or shtick for a lack of professionalism.
We’re dead serious about our work. It takes a lot of concentration to swallow swords.
If you’d like to see behind the curtain, click the red button. We almost take off the stage makeup…

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